Tangy and Creamy Avocado Mayo Recipe [Vegan, Egg Free, Dairy Free]

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People rave about this avocado mayo recipe. It’s made with simple ingredients already in your cupboard…the best egg free mayo out there. Use it on your sandwich, burger, or even as a dip for your veggies.

avocado mayo in white ramekin

This avocado mayonnaise doesn’t taste exactly the same to normal mayonnaise. But it IS tangy, creamy, and delicious (with even MORE flavor than regular mayo).

It’s a plant based mayo recipe that’s a great way to add more healthy fats to your diet and make your food taste delicious.

Tools Needed To Make Avocado Mayo

  • Immersion blender – If you don’t already have an immersion blender, grab this one. It has a powerful motor which means no smoking and burning up the motor when you use it (I’ve tried several and that one works great).
  • Mason jar – You likely already have mason jars lying around, but if you need a few more this size works great to store dips and sauces.
  • Rubber spatula – This is a kitchen must-have. You’ll be wasting food if you can’t scrape the bowl clean with a rubber spatula like this one.

Ingredients for Avocado Mayo + Ingredient Substitutions

  • Avocado – You’ll want to grab a large ripe avocado (soft to touch).
  • Apple cider vinegar – The vinegar will add some acidity to the mayo. Make sure it has the “mother” like this one for extra health benefits.
  • Lemon juice – The lemon juice adds some acidity and tang. Buy fresh lemons at the store, or 100% lemon juice like this one.
  • Spices – Garlic powder and onion powder add a delicious savory flavor to the avocado mayo.
  • Avocado oil – We try to avoid refined vegetable oils so I recommend avocado oil like this non-GMO avocado oil. You could also use olive oil if you’d prefer.
  • Water – The water will thin out the mayo. Add more water for a thinner mayo, less for thicker mayo.
  • Salt – Don’t forget the salt to balance out the flavor.

How To Make Egg Free Avocado Mayo

The process to make this avocado mayonnaise is super simple. Throw all the ingredients into a mason jar, then blend it up using your immersion blender (I highly recommend this immersion blender).

If you don’t have an immersion blender, you can use a food processor or a high speed blender. You know your blender better than I do. Some of them can’t do dips like this because it all just sticks to the sides.

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If you’re okay with a chunkier sauce, go ahead and try to mash your avocados with a fork (and mix it all up without any blender appliance).


  • Is avocado mayo healthy? This avocado mayo recipe is full of healthy fats from avocados and simple ingredients. It’s absolutely healthy.
  • What is avocado mayo made of? I’ve seen egg-free mayonnaise and avocado mayonnaise options at the store, but I’ve been discouraged that they seem to use vegetable oils, lots of soy, and other ingredients that I try to avoid if possible. But when you make it at home you can guarantee it’s made with real food ingredients and healthy avocados.
  • What’s the difference between mayonnaise and avocado mayonnaise? Avocado mayonnaise like this recipe is made with an actual avocado and no eggs. Mayonnaise (like this homemade mayonnaise) is made from an egg-oil emulsion.

How To Use Your Avocado Mayonnaise

There are so many ways you can use this egg free mayo.

avocado mayo on bread

Looking for more delicious homemade dips?

I’m a big fan of making sauces and salad dressings in your own kitchen. The store bought options usually have refined oils, preservatives, and excess salt and sugar that are just unnecessary.

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Tangy & Creamy Avocado Mayo

Tangy & Creamy Avocado Mayo

Yield: 1 cup
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Make this mayonnaise without any eggs! Use creamy avocado and simple seasonings for a delicious dip!


  • 1 large ripe avocado
  • 1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 3 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 2 Tbsp oil (avocado oil or olive oil work well)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 tsp salt


  1. Put all ingredients in mason jar
  2. Use immersion blender and blend until creamy
  3. Taste and adjust, as needed
  4. Store in mason jar in fridge


This recipe makes about 1 cup of avocado mayonnaise.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 16 Serving Size: 1 Tbsp
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 37Total Fat: 4gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 38mgCarbohydrates: 1gFiber: 1gSugar: 0gProtein: 0g

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How to make your own avocado mayo. Gluten free, dairy free and egg free.
avocado mayonnaise
Five minute avocado mayo

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    1. Desiree, ours has never gone bad. But we usually eat it quickly. Probably about a week. I’d say go by look, smell, and taste.

    1. Sarah, A food processor would work well. Or a high speed blender. I used to have a really old blender that didn’t work well with thicker sauces. So it depends what kind of blender you have. Try it and see how it goes!

  1. Hi, any idea on if this would have a lower calorie count than regular mayo? Looking up ideas for the husband and he loves mayo

    1. If you want to make it a more low cal, whole food version you can replace the oil with unsweetened vegan yogurt or something similar. That’s what I’m planning to do!

  2. This recipe is sooo good !! I used a regular hand mixer .. worked fine thank you so much I’ve been on an avocado craze lately and was looking for other recipes besides guacamole to make and this is great already made 2 more jars for my daughters

    1. Sharon, Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the recipe. I often find myself on an avocado craze :).

  3. Girrrrrrrrl this stuff is amazing! I love tangy stuff and this hits the mark! We’re using it with veggie burgers tonight. I can’t wait! Thanks so much!

    1. Kristy, Thanks so much for letting me know you’re loving it! I love tangy sauces too. Your dinner sounds awesome. Hope it tasted great 🙂

  4. Sorry, but this just didn’t do it for me. Flavors were great but the texture was way too “airy”? It seemed like it needed a more solid base. I’ll make it again but I’ll sub raw cashews for the avocado oil (which btw, like any oil in a bottle, IS a processed, refined product).

  5. I had quite a few avocados and needed something to do with them. Found this recipe and made it. It’s very tasty and my husband liked it to. He isn’t real keen on avacados. But he enjoyed his wrap with this mayo. Thank you for sharing!

  6. This was darn tasty! The first time I made it I used it on everything – wraps, sandwiches, chip dip, grilled chicken, hamburgers, etc – and I do mean EVERYTHING. Thanks so much for the recipe. I printed it and it now has an honored place in my favorite “go to” recipe binder!

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