DIY Food Stocking Stuffers – 90 Delicious Homemade Food Gift Ideas

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This is a giant list of homemade food gift ideas to use this year as food stocking stuffers. Perfect for any occasion really, but especially great to give as a hostess gift, party favor, or a Christmas gift stuffed in a stocking.

Some of them take a little bit of planning so it never hurts to start brainstorming early! Whether you make a big basket of homemade food gifts or use a few of these as stocking stuffers, homemade food gifts are always a hit!

Homemade food gifts are my absolute FAVORITE. I love making food gifts for others, and I also love getting them. A couple years ago we made beef jerky, candied ginger, and homemade mint tea bags for our family and it was a huge hit!

I intentionally put the desserts at the end of the list. Because EVERYONE has an abundance of sweets at the holidays. But everyone DOESN’T have an abundance of non-dessert homemade food ideas (like the salts, sauces, and jams listed below). Scroll through and find the perfect homemade food gift your friends and family will love.

And then have fun making it!

Homemade food gift packaging ideas

You might be wondering, “how do you package edible gifts?” The good news is: you have options! Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning when you think about how you’ll package your food stocking stuffers.

Food gift basket ideas

If you decide to do a food gift basket with your homemade goodies, consider adding these to your basket.

What to I put the food stocking stuffers inside of?

Here are a few ideas for containers to hold all the goodies you’ll be including in your basket! For someone who loves to cook, give a new pot or mixing bowl!

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Homemade food gift ideas

If you’re willing to spend a few hours in the kitchen, you can have Christmas gifts taken care of for all your family and friends. Below are 90 homemade foods you can gift this Christmas – perfect for a food stocking stuffer or a holiday hostess gift.


Whether you decide to make bacon tomato jam, or jalepeno pepper jelly, or maybe orange curd, enjoy the process of making homemade jams to give away as Christmas gifts! Use it as a stocking stuffer or make a gift basket.

Jalepeno pepper jam is a great food gift
Photo: Best Jalepeno Pepper Jelly from Garnish and Glaze


These chutneys look SUPER tasty. They’re like a chunky, more flavorful jam. Enjoy and gift away!


I LOVE salt. I think it’s miraculous. It amplifies the flavor of food and brings out the best in your dish. When I saw these recipes, it got me inspired to start thinking about what we’ll make and give out this year for Christmas. These salts are at the TOP of the list.

Flavored herb salt is an awesome gift to give
Photo: Rosemary, Orange & Thyme Flavored Herb Salt from The Rising Spoon


Check out these awesome homemade snacks you can give as a holiday food stocking stuffer.

Marinated goat cheese makes a delicious gift this holiday season
Photo: Marinated Goat Cheese from Whole Food Bellies


Nuts are a delicious high protein snack. Spice them and sweeten them for a special Christmas gift!

Cinnamon sugar nuts will make a great gift this holiday season
Photo: Cinnamon Sugar Almonds from Scratch to Basics

Spice mix

Give the gift of flavor this holiday season! Forget the store bought spice mixes full of preservatives, make your own spice mixes and they’ll get to enjoy the gift for weeks or months to come. For more spice blend ideas, check out this list of 20 homemade spice blends. Or, consider giving a spice subscription for anybody who loves to cook.

Homemade gingerbread spice mix is a delicious gift to give
Photo: Homemade Gingerbread Spice Mix from My Diaspora Kitchen


Who wouldn’t want a tasty sauce homemade in your kitchen, with love? I love giving homemade food as gifts, and sauces are no exception.

Blackberry tomato ketchup makes a great holiday gift
Photo: Blackberry Tomato Ketchup from Twists and Zests


Check out these awesome homemade drink recipes! Pick one or two and make them as Christmas gifts for your family and friends.

Homemade limoncello makes a unique and delicious food gift this holiday season.
Photo: Sous Vide Limoncello Recipe from Platings and Pairings

Misc food gifts

Vanilla extract, preserved lemons, and flavor-infused foods are among the delicious food gift options you’ll find in this section.

Use vanilla syrup in your coffee, tea, or cocktails. A great holiday gift.
Photo: Vanilla Syrup from Neighbor Food Blog


Ohhhh holiday desserts. It seems for the whole month of December, all I think about (and see) are sweet treats. Everywhere! If you’re looking for some new non-cookie recipes, keep reading!

Caramels, Toffee & Brittle

Caramels, toffee and brittle are a sure sign the holiday season is here. Use these recipes for an extra sweet treat!

Make apple cider caramels this holiday season for a gift everyone will love.
Photo: Apple Cider Caramels from Dish n The Kitchen

More Desserts

Here are even more delicious dessert ideas to make this Christmas. Make a double batch and keep half for yourself!

Pistachio toffee dark chocolate bark makes a tasty gift anyone will love.
Photo: Pistachio Toffee Dark Chocolate Bark from The Toasty Kitchen
Matcha peanut butter cups make a great gift
Photo: Matcha Peanut Butter Cups from Proportional Plate

Give the gift of food

As someone who loves food (especially healthy and delicious food), I see food gifts as a way to give your time, not just money. Instead of buying gifts for people out of duty or obligation, spend a few hours in the kitchen making them something special.

And while you’re there, think about the ways you’re thankful for them. Write down your ideas in a card and stick it in your gift to them. We all want to be loved and appreciated. Let’s spread the love this holiday season!

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90 homemade food gifts you'll want to keep for yourself
90 homemade food gifts you'll want to keep for yourself
90 homemade food gifts you'll want to keep for yourself
homemade food gifts

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