30 Incredible Christmas Gifts For Bakers In 2021

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Looking for Christmas gifts for bakers? Here’s a list of awesome gifts for the baker enthusiast, the weekend baker, or the person who just always ends up making the birthday cakes at your family parties.

Baking is one of my favorite things to do.

So, when I made this list, I went through my kitchen and took notes on the things I love to use when baking, and then I added onto it for the things I would love to GET for my kitchen.

I have to admit, though, that I’m more of a kitchen minimalist. I don’t like to have a hundred gadgets if I’m not going to use them, so this list reflects only the best gifts for bakers.

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More Gift Ideas

I’ve created more gift guides for this holiday season, complete with Amazon links to take the stress out of shopping for your loved ones this year. Make sure if you aren’t already signed up for Amazon Prime that you take advantage of your 30 day Prime trial and get your Christmas shopping done early this year! And, in case you think Amazon Prime is just free shipping, check out this list of the hidden benefits of Amazon Prime for Moms.

Here are more gift ideas for you:

What gift to give someone who loves to bake?

Whether you decide to give your baker a cookbook, decorating tools, or a beautiful stand to display their creations, they will be THRILLED to get a gift that aligns with their hobby. I mean, you know how great it feels to get a gift that you can’t wait to start using, right?

Scroll through this list and click to learn more about any item that looks intriguing. For your convenience, I’ve linked the images and captions to Amazon (where there are AWESOME deals right now).

I’ve also broken down the gift ideas into categories:

Gifts for the everyday baker

Are you wondering, “What’s a good gift for an everyday baker?” Not a professional baker, just someone who loves to bake. As an “everyday baker” myself, I think these gifts would be AWESOME to get as a Christmas gift .

silicone baking mat
Silicone baking mat
Turn those cookie sheets into non-stick with these silicone baking mats.
dessert stand
Dessert stand
Make those baked goods stand out with a dessert stand like these
Recipe box
A beautiful recipe box that would look great sitting on any counter, along with recipe cards.
personalized apron
Personalized apron
Give them a beautiful apron, personalized JUST for them
Clean eating with a dirty mind cookbook
Cookie cookbook
Healthy dessert recipes that look irresistible
Ipad holder
Ipad holder
Keep those recipes front and center with this Ipad/tablet holder
Kitchen stand mixer
A stand mixer certainly makes life easier for the baking enthusiast, and saves those arm muscles!
Flame maker
This would be an awesome gift for anyone serious about baking.

Gifts for Bread Baker

Do you know someone who loves baking bread? Maybe that’s all they do on the weekends, or maybe they are continually dreaming up new bread recipes? Maybe being at home so much has ignited their bread baking passion.

These gifts will absolutely thrill any weekend bread baker.

Bannetons (bread raising baskets)
Use these baskets to raise the dough (and impart a beautiful design in the process)
Baking steel (conductive pizza stone)
This is like a pizza stone…but better. It’s steel so it gets hotter than a pizza stone, and provides a great bread baking surface.
instant read digital thermometer
A digital instant read thermometer is a MUST in any kitchen, but especially in a baker’s kitchen. You can be confident the bread is cooked with this thermometer.
bread baking for beginners cookbook
Beginner bread baking book
For someone just getting started baking bread, this cookbook is a good starter book.
gluten free artisan bread cookbook
Gluten Free bread cookbook
A gluten allergy or sensitivity doesn’t mean you can’t make bread anymore.
sourdough starter
Sourdough starter
Here’s a dried starter culture to make your own sourdough culture. Starting from scratch takes weeks. Make the process easier with this dried culture!
dutch oven
Dutch oven
Many people bake their bread inside a dutch oven. The beauty of it is it’s a gift that can be used for general cooking as well as bread baking.
The Bread Baker's Apprentice cookbook
Bread baking book
Use this classic cookbook so they can learn everything they ever wanted to know about bread baking.
Decorative loaf pan
This loaf pan creates a beautiful design on top of your bread loaf
electric flour mill
Flour mill
For the purists among us. Let them grind their own flour straight from the wheat kernel. Fresh flour = better tasting bread.

Gifts for cake baker

Who’s the person who ALWAYS makes the birthday cake? I’m that person in my family. Not only am I asked to make the birthday cake, I actively request that job. Because I love it. Baking is really fun for me. And I do it a LOT.

And that means I have a pretty good idea about what’s useful and what’s not. Below are gifts that any baker would LOVE to get as a Christmas gift.

spring form cake pans
Springform cake pans
These pans allow for the sides to pull away so they for sure come out clean. A must-have for a cake baker.
piping kit
Piping kit
Make that cake look beautiful with this piping kit. It comes with a bunch of different tips to beautify your creation.
rotating cake stand
Rotating cake stand
When you’re decorating a cake, this is a luxury. The pros use it, and I think every home cake baker should too.
offset spatula
Offset spatulas for frosting
Perfect for frosting cakes, these offset spatulas were made for cake decorating.
Wooden Cake Stand
I love the look of this wooden cake stand. It would make any cake look amazing.
cupcake and cake carrier
Cupcake and cake carrier
If you’ve ever transported a frosted cake or cupcakes, you KNOW what happens…they slide around and the frosting gets ruined. Not with this carrying case! Click to see what it has to offer.
Cake testing stick
Use this testing stick instead of guessing if it’s done.
round parchment sheets
Round parchment sheets
These parchment sheets are awesome. They fit a 9″ round pan and even have side tabs to easily lift out if you don’t have spring form pans.
silicone pastry bags
Reusable pastry bags
Make their life easier by investing in silicone pastry bags. Re-use them often!
cake decorating book
Cake decorating book
Imagine if this is what your next birthday cake looked like!
personalized cake knife and server
Personalized cake knife & server
Get this cake knife and server engraved with their name. It’ll make them think of you every time they cut into a cake. Trust me. My Grandma gave us one for our wedding and I think of her every time I cut a cake!
cupcake stand
Cupcake stand
Let those desserts stand out and be admired on this beautiful stand.


So what’s it going to be? What will you get that baking obsessed friend?

You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for a baker. And who knows…maybe you’ll reap the benefits and get to enjoy even more homemade baked goods.

With this list in hand, you’ll certainly be able to pick out a Christmas gift they’ll absolutely LOVE.

Here’s another idea…print out some recipes and include them with your gift.

Here are a few of my favorite baking recipes from here on STB:

Baking gift set

If you can’t decide on just one gift, consider creating a baking gift set with a “theme”. Bundle them all up in a bread raising basket or dutch oven. Sounds like the absolute perfect gift to me!

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30 Christmas gifts for someone who loves to bake
Christmas gifts for bakers
30 Christmas gifts for someone who loves to bake
Christmas gifts for the baker

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