7 Little Known Benefits of Amazon Prime Every Mom Should Know About

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Moms, this article is for you. You’ve no doubt heard about Amazon Prime’s FREE two day shipping on Amazon.com. But I’m willing to bet you didn’t know about all the other benefits of Amazon Prime for moms. I did some research and learned there’s a LOT more than just FREE two-day shipping. Here’s a list of 7 little known benefits of Amazon Prime that every mom should know about!

7 hidden benefits of amazon prime every mom needs to know.

Because you know what? Being a mom is tough. I have two young kids…they’re five and three now. I love them to pieces, but keeping up with the laundry, the mess, the grocery shopping and the cooking sometimes feels like I’m in the circus juggling ten balls at once!

Wouldn’t it be nice if something could make it just a little easier to juggle all those balls? Whether you already have an Amazon Prime membership or you’re thinking about trying it out, I hope you learn something new (and awesome) about Amazon Prime in this post.

Also, did you know you can try Amazon Prime for FREE for 30 days? Click here to sign up! I HIGHLY recommend starting your trial when you know you’ll be using it a lot (like the holiday season).

7 Benefits of Amazon Prime Every Mom Should Know About

1. Amazon Family (Amazon Mom)

This program comes FREE with Amazon Prime. You get family oriented offers, coupons, and age-based recommendations. You also get up to 20% off subscriptions to diapers, baby food and more. I mean…20% off of a diaper subscription (with delivery)? How can you pass that up?

Plus you get a 15% baby registry completion discount!

Grab your FREE 30-day trial of Amazon Prime TODAY and get started with Amazon Family!

2. Amazon Baby Registry

Use the Amazon baby registry to let your friends and family know what you need when you’re expecting.

With your Amazon Prime membership you get a 15% completion discount.

And…big BONUS. If you register for something in each of the registry categories, Amazon will send you a FREE gift with some really awesome stuff. My sister just did this and her gift was a generous gift box with onesies, swaddle blankets, diapers, wipes, pacifier, bottle, a sample of aquaphor and more!

She just signed up for the Prime trial so she could get this free gift…then she cancelled. No shame in that.

Are you expecting? Start your baby registry here!

3. free shipping

Okay, you probably DID know about the FREE 2 day shipping, but what you DIDN’T know was that you can get ONE DAY shipping for free, too!

As a mom of two young kids, I know the feeling of not wanting to drag my kids to the store to get a tube of toothpaste and nothing else. More often than not, I opt to order it from Amazon and skip the stress of it all. Amazon Prime makes mom life easy!

To get the free 1-day shipping, your order needs to be over $35 of “qualifying items” and you have to be located in one of their 1-day shipping radius. Check to see if your zip code qualifies here.

The qualifying items are marked with “Prime FREE Same-Day Delivery”.

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure you want to pay for Prime, start your free 30-day trial when you know you’ll be using it a lot (like around the holidays). After 30 days, cancel if you don’t LOVE the convenience of it.

Start your FREE 30 day trial here.

4. Amazon Music

If you already have Amazon Prime, you already have access to over 2 million songs with Amazon Music!

Listen to music while you’re cooking dinner or cleaning up the toys. BIG BONUS…it’s always ad-free (which is great especially if you have little ears listening…no need for ad-brainwashing those young minds).

If you want even more songs (over 50 million songs), there’s an Amazon Music Unlimited program. If you’re a Prime member, you get 20% off of Amazon Music Unlimited.

Try your FREE Amazon Music Unlimited trial here.

5. Prime Video Channels

Another awesome benefit included with your Prime Membership is Prime Video. Get the app on your streaming device, your phone, or computer.

I love having Daniel Tiger episodes on demand that I can turn on if I need to keep the kids occupied for 20 minutes.

They have shows and movies for grown ups too. On demand & rental options.

Sign up for your FREE 30 day Prime trial here.

While Amazon Video gives you access to of shows, if you still need more channels, add Showtime, STARZ and HBO you can enjoy after the kids go to bed.

Start your 7 day free trial of these premium channels here.

6. Free Kindle Downloads

The Amazon Kindle devices enable moms everywhere to browse, buy, download, and read e-books without carrying around 50 extra pounds in your diaper bag.

With a Prime membership, you get access to over 1,000 books, magazines, and comics for free.

If you want even MORE ebooks (as in unlimited access to over 1 million titles) and unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks, you can upgrade to a Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan.

And, of course, you can try it before you buy it. Try Kindle Unlimited for 30 days for FREE here.

7. Prime Pantry

Do you want to shop low-priced grocery and household essentials from the comfort of your own home?

Prime Pantry is available in select locations (not mine, unfortunately). See if you’re in one of the lucky areas by clicking here.

With your Prime membership you get FREE shipping on your pantry staples! Use the promo code WELCOME10 to get $10 off your Prime Pantry purchase of $40.

Is Amazon Prime Worth it?

Well, what do you think? Is an Amazon Prime Membership worth it to you? To me, it definitely is. Hopefully you see there’s so much more to it than JUST free two-day shipping (although that’s pretty great, too). Take advantage of these awesome benefits of Amazon Prime and make life a little easier.

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7 hidden benefits of Amazon Prime every mom needs to know.

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