20 Awesome Kitchen Gifts for Mom [Under $25]

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Looking for that perfect gift for the mom in your life? Maybe it’s YOUR mom, or maybe your wife or your sister? Doesn’t matter who it is. If they love cooking (and food), or maybe just like kitchen tools & fun gifts, take a look at this list.

I’d rather have one tool that can do one hundred things than one hundred different tools that each do a very specific thing. Especially if it means my kitchen drawers will be less full.

My mom likes kitchen gadgets. She thinks they’re fun. But only to a point. They have to be useful.

Which makes sense. Who wants a drawer full of stuff you’ll never use? And who wants to spend a ton of money on a gift that will just sit in a drawer…never being used?

Umm…that’s right. No one.

Here’s an awesome list of 20 kitchen gifts that your mom will love (and actually use). And BONUS they’re all under $25. You’ll find kitchen gadgets and NON gadget gifts below.

Click through to see more details and decide if it’s a winner. The links below are Amazon links, for your convenience. If you haven’t jumped on the Amazon Prime train yet, go ahead and grab yourself a FREE 30-day trial here!

Gadgets Under $25 for Your mom

For the moms who love to cook, here are some gadget gifts to make cooking easier (and more fun too).

Avocado Slicer and Pitter

avocado corer and slicer

This avocado slicer and pitter makes getting the big pit out of the middle of the avocado a breeze. This is a gift that any avocado-loving mom would love to add to their kitchen tools.

Herb scissors

herb scissors are a great gift for your mom under $25

Here’s a gift for the mom who loves cooking with fresh herbs (or just garnishing at the end). These herb scissors make chopping cutting fresh herbs easier than ever. No cutting board required!

Handheld grater AKA zester

microplane handheld grater, zester

I asked my mom what her favorite kitchen gadget is. And she said her handheld zester. We have one too, and I agree that it’s awesome.

You can use this for ginger, chocolate, lime zest, garlic, and so much more. I got her a different style last year, and it broke right away (oops!). We’ve had this style for years and it still works like a charm. Oh, and we eventually got her this exact one so she has one that isn’t broken.

Garlic peeler

A garlic peeler is a great gift for mom

You know the papery garlic outer layer? Use this funny looking thing to take it off easily. Just stick the clove inside and rub it together between your hands. It works great, we have one!

Garlic press

Cooking with fresh garlic just got easier with this garlic press. No more smashing garlic on a cutting board and having the clove fall on the floor. This could be just what your mom is looking for.

Jar gripper

jar grippers are a great gift for mom

Is your mom always handing the jars off to be opened by someone else? Give her these jar grippers so she can open jars with ease. These jar grippers will save the day.

Thin apple slicer and corer

Get your mom an apple slicer and corer!

I’m not sure how many apples I slice in a given week. But it’s a lot. This gift is especially great for moms of young kids.

It will make slicing apples SO much easier. This corer gives 16 thin slices per apple, but there’s also a style that gives 8 thicker slices. Check them out and see what you think.

Glass storage containers

These glass containers would work great for storing food. I love how they look, and your mom will too! Leave them out on the counter as decoration or store them away. It’s her choice!

Mason jar juicer

Mason jar juicer makes juicing super easy

We have one of these juicers that sits on top of the mason jar and it really takes the mess out of juicing citrus. Just push the halved lemon (or any citrus) on top and turn it while pushing down. The juice falls right into the mason jar, and your hands stay juice-free.

Hard boiled egg peeler

Okay. I haven’t tried this hard boiled egg peeler. But if it works like it’s supposed to, it’s a game changer! Check it out and see what you think!

Bamboo salad hands

Bamboo salad hands make a great kitchen gift

Does your mom love salads? These bamboo salad hands provide a fun alternative from the usual salad tongs.

Herb stripping tool

This herb stripping tool is pretty great. We got one as a gift and it works great for removing the leaves from the stems in one quick pull. It works for kale, too!


Have you ever tried to use tongs that don’t have much spring in them? Or that aren’t the right size? It’s a challenge. A good pair of tongs, like these, will save mom from a lot of frustration (and you if you’re cooking dinner at her house).

Bamboo soap scrubber & dispenser

Bamboo soap scrubber and dispenser

Take a look at this! It’s the best looking scrub brush I’ve ever seen. I’d love to have this sitting on my sink! What do you think? Would your mom like it? Say goodbye to gross sponges in the sink!

Non-Gadget Kitchen Gifts for mom Under $25

Maybe your mom has all the gadgets anyone could ever want (or need), but she can’t get enough of heartfelt gifts like these. Here are some non-gadget gifts that would mean a lot for a mom who spends any amount of time in the kitchen.

Personalized photo coasters

Your mom will think of you every time she reaches for her water…and then again when she puts it back down. Check out these coasters on Amazon.

Customized tea towel

custom tea towel with recipe printed on it

Picture this…your mom is in the kitchen, thinking…where did I put the recipe for that delicious soup that my lovely daughter (that’s you) made me? OH! That’s right, it’s on my towel.

I love this idea!

Pinch pot holders

Pot holders make a great gift

Everybody needs new pot holders every now and then. These are a new style that I really like! They’re silicone, and make it easier to grip the hot pans as you lift them out of the oven.

Pantry and spice labels

pantry labels chalkboard style

Want to give a great gift? Give the gift of organization. Don’t think your mom will actually use these? Why not offer to do the organizing, too? Grab these these pantry labels today!

Personalized mug (with loose leaf tea steeper)

Personalized tea mug with steeper

Does your mom need inspiration? Encouragement? A good laugh? Personalize this mug however you think she’d like it most!

Reusable Beeswax food wrap

Help your mom go plastic free by giving her this reusable food wrap (made with beeswax).

What to Buy Your mom?

Okay, so now that you’ve got some ideas churning in your head. It’s time to make a decision. Click through the links above and find something that fits your mom’s style and personality. Then wait in anticipation to see the look on her face when she opens the perfect thing her kitchen was missing!

Kitchen Themed Gift Basket

If one of these gifts doesn’t quite seem like enough for all those years your mom loved and cared for you, consider buying a few of them and creating a gift basket with a kitchen gift theme. You could use a wire basket (that can be re-used in the kitchen) or a new stock pot as the holder.

Use this wire basket to hold your kitchen gifts
Use a stockpot to hold your kitchen gifts for mom

Maybe you’ve decided it’s a good year to splurge on a kitchen gift for mom. If that’s the case, check out this list of dream kitchen tools!

No matter what you decide, keep your mom in mind when picking out your gift. Because remember, it’s the thought that counts!

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Kitchen gifts for moms

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