11 Mouthwatering Sheet Pan Dinners To Make Tonight

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Have you heard of sheet pan dinners? If you have, then you KNOW how easy they are. If you haven’t, let me tell you! Sheet pan dinners are one-pot dinners where that are cooked entirely on a sheet pan (also referred to as baking pan or cookie sheet).

Check out this post for 11 mouthwatering and easy sheet pan dinners to make tonight!

11 mouthwatering sheet pan dinners

Sheet pan dinners are an example of how cooking doesn’t have to be complicated to make delicious food. Nobody wants to spend all day cooking, we want easy!

We also don’t want to sacrifice healthy food for the sake of an easy meal. It can be tough to balance, but I’ve found that a weekly meal plan makes it simple!

So grab one of my meal planning templates, pick a few sheet pan meals for this week, and let’s get cooking!

With easy clean up and delicious flavor, sheet pan meals are such a great way to cook dinner for the family. There’s nothing easier than throwing everything on a sheet pan, putting it in the oven and being done with it. Am I right?

Tools Needed for your Quick & Easy Sheet Pan Dinner

  • Sheet pan – Yep. If you’re making a sheet pan meal, you need a sheet pan (or two). If your sheet pans need an upgrade, check these out).
  • Tongs and/or spatulas – You’re gonna need something to flip stuff around.
  • Aluminum Foil – This makes for an even faster cleanup.
  • Meal prep containers – Not necessary, but definitely helpful these are the kind we use with 3 compartments.
  • Pyrex storage containers (most of our lids break after a few months of use, except the kind that have these lids)

11 Delicious Sheet Pan Dinners

This is a collection of tasty sheet pan dinners that I think you’ll really enjoy! They’re perfect for an easy weeknight meal.

1. Sheet Pan Steak Fajitas

These steak fajitas come together in 30 minutes and taste amazing. They’re perfectly seasoned. You can choose to add bonuses like salsa and guacamole or eat them as is. Make your own tortillas, or do store bought. You do you, my friend.

2. Sheet Pan Lemon Parmesan Garlic Chicken Veggies

Lemon parmesan chicken baked with potatoes and green beans. This looks like a meal worth trying! Eat it with a salad with some homemade honey mustard salad dressing. Winner!

3. Cashew Chicken Sheet Pan

Looking for an Asian inspired sheet pan meal? Here it is! Veggies, cashews, chicken, and delicious sauce! Need some rice with that cashew chicken? I’ve got you covered…times two. Basmati rice? Cauliflower rice?

4. Caprese Stuffed Salmon

My mouth is watering just looking at the picture! Salmon with tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and balsamic! Salmon baked caprese style. Amazing! Some cauliflower rice would be great with this tasty meal.

5. Sheet Pan Beef and Black Bean Nachos

Have you ever heard of sheet pan nachos? This super simple recipe makes enough nachos for the whole family. Pile on the ingredients and bake in the oven. Perfect! Need some guacamole to go with your nachos? Here’s how to keep your guacamole greener for longer.

6. Sheet Pan Hoisin Chicken

For those nights when you haven’t had time to plan dinner, this hoisin chicken recipe will save the day! Use whatever veggies you have on hand!

7. Sheet Pan Maple Mustard Roasted Chicken

Maple and mustard chicken. Yumm. A great flavor combination for this chicken and veggie sheet pan. So good, and so easy.

8. Baked Lemon Chicken Sheet Pan

Chicken, lemon, asparagus, potatoes. A perfect weeknight meal! Pair it with an easy Caesar salad. Healthy and delicious.

9. Sheet Pan Blackberry Hoisin Chicken

Vegetables and chicken covered in a blackberry hoisin sauce. Add some cauliflower rice or perfectly cooked basmati rice, or eat it as is.

10. Shrimp and Broccoli Sheet Pan

In this recipe, shrimp and broccoli are baked on a sheet pan in this recipe and drizzled with a delicious sauce.

11. Garlic Ginger Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Veggies with chicken and a garlic ginger sauce. Who’s ready for dinner? Make this for your lunches all week or for dinner.

More quick and easy meal recipes to fill up your meal plan

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11 mouthwatering sheet pan dinners to make on a busy weeknight

11 incredible sheet pan dinners
11 sheet pan dinners your family will love

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