16 Delicious Paleo Sides & Salads for A Potluck

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Have you ever gone to a potluck, and realized there’s not much there you can eat?

With a grumbling belly, you end up filling up on raw veggies all night long? No dip, of course, because no one puts ingredients on their bowl.

If you have food restrictions, potlucks can be really hard! Usually my strategy is to bring a dish that I know I can eat. Then at least I’ll have something to eat!

This is a list of sixteen sides and salads for your next potluck that are Paleo (grain free, gluten free and refined sugar free).

If you’re bringing food for others, and want to make sure there’s something for everyone, learn about the differences (and similarities) between Paleo, Whole 30 and Keto here.

Potluck Supplies

These ideas are AWESOME to have when you’re bringing food to a potluck. I always seem to be messing with foil on top of a dish (and of course the foil falls off on the way to the car, or gets punctured by who knows what.

One of these days I’m going to get smart and buy one (or all) of these.

Food Carrier Tools

Paleo POtluck Sides

Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts With Roasted APple

Maple bacon brussels sprouts with roasted apple
Get the recipe on Scratch to Basics

Tomato, Bacon and Cabbage Saute

Tomato, bacon and cabbage saute
Get the recipe on Dancing Through The Rain

Mediterranean Oven Roasted Vegetables

Mediterranean oven roasted vegetables
Get the recipe on Unicorns In The Kitchen

Bacon wrapped Medjool Dates

Bacon wrapped dates
Get the recipe on The Peasant’s Daughter

Dijon Mustard & Lemon Roasted Cauliflower

Dijon mustard and lemon roasted cauliflower
Get the recipe on Divalicious Recipes

Oven Roasted Eggplant Cubes with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Oven roasted eggplant cubes with balsamic vinaigrette
Get the recipe on One Clever Chef

Paleo Cornbread 

paleo cornbread
Get the recipe on Emma Eats and Explores

Everything Deviled Eggs

Everything deviled eggs
Get the recipe at The Simple Supper

Paleo Potluck Salads

Asian Cucumber Salad (no soy sauce)

Asian cucumber salad without soy sauce
Get the recipe on Kimchimari

Spicy Cucumber Tomato and Water Chestnut Salad

Spicy cucumber tomato and water chestnut salad
Get the recipe on Kitchen Gone Rogue

Dill Cucumber Tomato Salad

Dill cucumber tomato salad
Get the recipe on Recipes From A Pantry

Watermelon Salad with Cucumber and Mint

watermelon salad with cucumber and mint
Get the recipe on Know Your Produce

Italian Marinated Artichoke Salad recipe

Italian marinated artichoke salad recipe
Get the recipe on Wholesome Yum

Stone Fruit Salad with Burrata

Stone fruit salad with burrata
Get the recipe on Waves In The Kitchen

Shaved Rainbow Carrot Sesame Salad

Shaved rainbow carrot sesame salad
Get the recipe on Crowded Kitchen

Easy Asian Coleslaw with Creamy Orange Sesame Dressing

Easy asian coleslaw with creamy orange sesame dressing
Get the recipe on The Endless Meal

Now what?

Now you just need to make a decision! Let me know which ones you make (in the comments below)! Also, don’t forget to pin these gluten free & paleo potluck ideas for later!

Pin these awesome recipes for later!

16 paleo potluck sides and salads

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  1. These recipes are amazing! Perfect for my diet because I just started doing paleo. I can’t wait to try these. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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