Kettle & Fire Bone Broth Review: Amazing Quality In The Most Convenient Package

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We’re all familiar with the idea of broth being used to make soup, but most of us have only heard of chicken or beef broth, or maybe vegetable broth. Less commonly heard of, by far, is bone broth. 

Making a broth — of any type — is quite the undertaking. Only with hours and hours of simmering bones in the water can you come to making bone broth. It’s the water base of soup before you add the rest of the good stuff! 

In today’s busy world, so few people really take the time to invest in making this healthy, beneficial liquid from scratch, and instead resort to lesser quality store-bought bone (or other) broths. 

However, there’s a product in town that can give you that home-cooked flavor and value without the major time investment. In this article, you’ll find an honest Kettle and Fire Bone Broth review to help you get a feel for the flavors and value of this great product. 

Kettle & Fire bone broth review

What Is Bone Broth?

First of all, you may not know what bone broth even is. Bone broth is, in its simplest explanation, the broth your grandmother used to make for almost every soup she ever cooked. She’d toss animal bones (and a little more) into a giant pot of water and set it to simmering. The simmering water works to soften the bone to extract all the incredible nutrients that are stored inside. 

This long-simmering process leaves you with a liquid that’s transformed from just water to a nutritious and flavorful liquid. There are many benefits of bone broth, so let’s dive in. 

Benefits Of Bone Broth

Bone broth can offer benefits that cover just about every part of your body. With that kind of power, it’s definitely worth taking a deeper look at the healthy benefits of including bone broth in your regular diet. 

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Bone broth by itself is made of mostly water. There is nothing easier on the digesting system than water, which makes bone broth a quite close second in terms of being very easy to digest! 

Various studies have shown that bone broth (and the gelatin that it forms in certain environments, like the gut) may actually help heal damage to the lining of your digestive tract. This means your GI system can more efficiently and easily digest the other foods you eat, and your overall health can improve. 

Inflammation + Joint Health

Bones and bone marrow contain many proteins, which can be an excellent source of the amino acids your body needs to carry out everything it needs to do. Bone broth is a great way to get these amino acids, some of which can have anti-inflammatory effects. 

As a result, you may find that this eases certain health issues that are associated with chronic inflammation, namely: arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome, and more. 

Cognitive + Sleep Improvements

It’s widely known that getting adequate protein in your diet helps provide your body a long-lasting energy source, and is considered the better way to get energy over high carbohydrate consumption. 

Bone broth is packed with protein, so you’re providing your body with an excellent energy source. Rather than relying on carbs for a boost, you may find you’ll be more awake during the day and more ready to fall asleep (and stay asleep) at night. 

Better sleep leads to better cognitive function, so it’s really a win-win! This is also a great way to boost your alertness and energy levels without resorting to caffeine. 

Nutrition + Weight Management

Besides the great protein, but you’ll also be getting a variety of other nutrients from bones — the same nutrients you know you need to keep YOUR bones in good health. 

Bone broth is a great source of extra calcium, potassium. magnesium, iodine, zinc, and omega fatty acids, to name a few. With a sufficient, balanced level of the above nutrients in your diet, plus adequate protein, you’ll find yourself feeling more satisfied after consumption. 

More satisfied means fewer cravings, and fewer cravings mean less eating when you don’t truly need it. Adequate hydration also helps weight loss, so a nutritious water-based drink really fits the bill! 

Is Kettle & Fire Bone Broth Good? 

You’ve learned what bone broth is all about, and why it’s worth adding it to your diet. But what about the hours it takes to make a batch? 

That’s where this Kettle & Fire review comes in. They’ve created a line of bone broth products that take the time (and sometimes guesswork) out of making a batch of bone broth, and gives you the same solid, desirable nutrition in a much more convenient package! 

What Their Broth Offers

One of the best features of the Kettle and Fire bone broth products is that they are organic. This definitely gives them an edge for making a superior product. 

The bones they use to make their products are sourced from organic and free-range meats which means you’re getting the best of the best from the pasture straight to your soup pot or cup. Kettle & Fire sources the bones from family farms, not giant commercial operations, so you’re definitely getting quality animal sources that don’t get treated with medications and hormones. 

They noticeably do NOT contain any artificial ingredients that too many products are full of these days. They contain NO preservatives or additives!

Bone broth is naturally gluten-free, but this brand goes above and beyond to make sure that their product is non-GMO, organic, and soy- and dairy-free. 

Right on the Kettle and Fire website, they proudly share that their broths are simmered for nearly 24 hours! They never add extra sodium, and they only ever use organic ingredients. Things can’t get much healthier than using exactly what nature made! 

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth Product Line

They offer a wide variety of bone broths, such as: 

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turmeric Ginger
  • Mushroom Chicken
  • Lemongrass Ginger Pho
  • Chipotle Beef
  • Coconut Curry

Which means that almost whatever you’re cooking or craving to sip on, they’ll have your palate satisfied! 


  • Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free
  • Bones sourced from small farms with humane practices
  • No added sodium, artificial flavors, preservatives, additives, colors, hormones, etc. 
  • Versatile to use in cooking or just as a healthy drink 
  • 2-year shelf-stable storage life
  • Wide variety of flavors


  • Slightly more expensive than some competing brands/products
  • May not be widely available to purchase at your typical grocery store
Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth

Kettle & Fire Review FAQ

How much bone broth should you drink a day? 

It’s perfectly safe to drink bone broth daily and often, so how much you should drink is mostly up to you. Whether you drink a cup once in a while or once per day, you’ll be doing your health a great benefit. 

If you have any particular dietary or medical considerations it would be wise to talk to your doctor before you start drinking it very often. It won’t be an issue for most people, but (for example), those with protein-digesting issues may not be recommended to consume bone broth. 

Some people enjoy drinking a cup of bone broth before bed to stay full (and hydrated) all night. Drinking it warm is a great way to relax, which helps promote sleep of itself! 

Is it cheaper to make or buy bone broth? 

For most people, it would be cheaper to make it at home….but not with organic ingredients. 

It’s not as common to be able to purchase animal bones, and most of the meats we buy at the grocery store are boneless these days. Some people may find they need to actually buy the meat and bones from an entire cow from a local farm in order to get the soup bones! 

Besides the ingredients and the cost of electricity, the time savings is almost incalculable. Do you have 20 hours to simmer a truly excellent broth? What is your time worth? 

Does store-bought bone broth have the same health benefits as homemade? 

Not all store-bought bone broths are made equal. If you’re comparing the cheapest you can find to homemade or to Kettle & Fire broths, you’ll find them far inferior, even in as small a comparison as sodium and additives. 

Overall, however, a high-quality store-bought bone broth such as what Kettle & Fire offers will be truly comparable to the nutrient content and health benefits as homemade — it may even surpass some homemade broths depending on your bone quality and other ingredients! 

Final Thoughts On Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

As kids, many of us learn that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but perhaps we need to change that saying to “a cup of bone broth a day keeps the doctor away.” With numerous nutritional and healthful benefits, adding bone broth to your daily diet is an excellent way to start taking better care of your body and your overall health. 

Most of us don’t have the time to spend an entire 20+ hour day simmering a truly well-made pot of bone broth. Having a high-quality go-to product that we can quickly and conveniently buy and store on the shelf is a high priority. As you learned in this Kettle & Fire Bone Broth review, this is very definitely that product. 

With all the value of this little cup of liquid gold, it’s definitely worth stocking up (and sipping up) today!

Looking for recipes to use bone broth?

Really, you can use bone broth in any soup or recipe that calls for broth or stock. You can even just drink it by the mug-full every day to work on your gut health and get some awesome nutrients in your diet.

Quick & Easy Chicken Vegetable Soup with Kettle & Fire Bone Broth

And, if you ever have bone broth and you don’t have a way to use it, you can EASILY freeze it for a later date. Freeze it in a mason jar or (my favorite) in ice cube trays to add to your sautéed veggies for an amazing boost of flavor.

Don’t forget to save this for later!

Kettle & Fire bone broth review

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