Freezer Meal Tools Every Beginner Needs For Stress Free Meal Prep Sessions

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When you’re just getting started with freezer meals, it’s important to make sure you’ve got all the tools you’ll need. The good thing is you don’t need much to stock your freezer with healthy, ready-made freezer meals.

Freezer meal tools

Crockpot with timer (or instant pot)

crockpot with timer
instant pot with slow cook option

You can use an Instant Pot if you have one (with the slow cook option), or use a standard crock pot with a timer built in. If your crock pot is older (with no timer), you can use an appliance timer like this one to automatically shut off the crockpot after a certain amount of time.

Immersion blender

immersion blender

An immersion blender is used if you’re making a pureed soup. You just stick the blender in the crockpot and avoid the awful process of ladling hot soup into a blender (which hurts if you spill).

Cutting boards

bamboo cutting board

I like these cutting boards, and we use similar ones in our house. In your prep session you’ll need two cutting boards. One cutting board for raw meat, one for veggies. Keep them separate and you won’t need to wash them until you’re done with prep.

Sharp knives and knife sharpener

sharp knives
knife sharpener

If your knives are dull, get yourself a knife sharpener. If your knives are sharp, they’ll eventually become dull. Get yourself a knife sharpener!

Did you know it’s easier and much safer to use sharp knives? This is the knife sharpener we use. It’s only a few dollars, but makes a HUGE difference.

If you’re ready to invest in some quality knives that will last a lifetime, these are the knives we have. We got them almost ten years ago as a wedding gift, and we still love them today.


microplane zester

While not essential, this zester sure does make things easier! I use it for ginger and garlic in freezer meals to get the maximum amount of flavor out and into the meal.

Mixing bowl & spoon

mixing bowls

You’ll need one mixing bowl and spoon in your freezer meal prep session. You won’t use it for every recipe, only when you need to mix a sauce before dumping in the bag.

Freezer bags

compostable freezer bags

I’ve been using these compostable freezer bags and definitely recommend them. They work great, and I feel better about using them than the plastic alternative.

Freezer bag holder (optional)

freezer bag holder

I personally don’t have one of these, I just fold the bag over about half way and it stays up fine. However, some people swear by them. If you’re having trouble keeping the bag upright while you fill it, consider investing in one of these nifty holders.

Beginner’s kit

I put together this kit of the basics for you. If you’re just getting started, consider ordering it all together with just a couple clicks. Get the three items below here.

beginner freezer meal tools kit

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