Take A Lesson From This Children’s Book And Redefine Failure

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Have you ever read a kids book that you think was secretly written for you? Maybe the story line speaks to you, or the moral of the story is something you really struggle with. We have one book in particular that encourages me every time I read it.

Every. Single. Time.

Rosie Revere, Engineer is about not giving up when you feel the pain of failure. And about redefining what “failure” actually means.

Rosie Revere Engineer

Rosie Revere Engineer Cover

This book is awesome. My sister-in-law got it for my oldest daughter on her birthday last year. It’s about a little girl who desperately wants to follow her dreams and create something amazing.

She’s a little timid about sharing her ideas, but she tries anyway. And when it doesn’t go as planned, she’s devastated. She’s embarrassed and convinced she shouldn’t even try any more. But the advice she gets from her aunt is life changing. 

The ONLY way to fail is to stop trying. 

The only way to fail is to STOP trying.

Failure mindset

Most of us think about failure in a completely different way. We think that we’ve “failed” when things don’t go exactly to plan, or if we change our minds and pursue a different goal.

ice cream cone dropped and spilled

We think that when there’s a bump in the road, we’ve somehow done something wrong. I know I find myself in this spiral of this “failure mindset”. I find myself thinking thoughts like this…

“I wish I hadn’t set a goal at all, then I wouldn’t feel this disappointment.”

“My first try didn’t work. Now I’m embarrassed that I even tried.”

What about you? Do you look at other, more “successful” family members, friends, or colleagues and feel inadequate in comparison?

They must have something we don’t. They’re more gifted, special, or ________.

Well me and Rosie are here to tell you that you’re wrong. You are unique. And you have a lot to offer. After all, you’re YOU!

Life is a journey

I recently heard a podcast interview with Hal Elrod about his books, The Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation. In this podcast, he basically said:

The reason to set a goal isn’t to reach your goal, it’s about who you become on the journey.

Think about that. The reason to set goals ISN’T to get exactly where we think we want to go. It’s about who we become and what we learn along the way.

I’ve heard that phrase, “life’s a journey, not a destination”. And I always skimmed it thinking it meant something like “stop and smell the roses”. Like…don’t be so focused on where you’re going that you don’t take a few minutes to look around at what you’re experiencing along the way.

But to hear someone say what he did. That reaching the goal isn’t the goal was backwards, and totally threw me for a loop. And you know what else? It was completely freeing.

Because I totally believe it, and I’ve embraced it. Now I feel excited to set goals. I’m free to dream big, and not be embarrassed about it. And even when life doesn’t go according to my “plan” (spoiler alert: it never does), at least I’m heading in a direction. Towards the person I want to be.

The lesson to be learned is to make a commitment to keep trying. Commit to setting goals and working towards them, and big things will happen. It might not take you EXACTLY where you pictured going, but you’ll be heading in a direction instead of standing still.

Don’t give up!

a path winding in front of a woman

Today I want to encourage you to keep up the good work! Whatever you’re working towards, don’t give up. Even if it feels like you’re failing, you’re not.

Because you’re still going. You haven’t given up. The one thing that’s true about anyone who’s experienced success is that they never gave up.

Cooking Encouragement

If a recipe fails, don’t give up and think you can’t cook. Learn from your mistake and move on.

One time my husband and I dumped a whole can of chipotle chilis into a soup that called for ONE (with the seeds removed). That soup was SO spicy, we couldn’t find anyone who could eat more than one spoonful at a time. But we learned from it and we’ve never made the same mistake again

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Health Encouragement

It can be overwhelming hearing different opinions about what you should eat, and what you shouldn’t eat. One day something’s on the “healthy” list, the next it’s linked to cancer. Don’t be discouraged.

I typically really enjoy cooking, and shopping for food, but there are times that I get so overwhelmed with eating the “right” food that I forget the basics. Eat whole foods, lots of vegetables, get some exercise, and find a community.

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Parenting Encouragement

If you’re worried about the food choices your kids are making (like they think it’s okay to eat cookies for dinner and strongly object to any vegetable within a two foot radius of them), lead by example. They watch you and take note of what you do.

My daughter asked me the other day why I always eat vegetables. I told her that I really like how they taste, and I know they’re good for my body. She looks at my plate every day and she’s seeing that I actually enjoy eating the vegetables on my plate.

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An unexpected outcome of reading rosie revere engineer

My intent is to encourage you today. Don’t give up. And you never know…the next time you sit down to read a story to your kids, there might be a life lesson waiting for YOU in there, too. My husband knows me so well that sometimes when I get discouraged, he will suggest that I go read Rosie Revere, Engineer. By myself.

Because it’s more than just a kid’s book. It’s a book for anyone who’s discouraged and feels like giving up.

Are you feeling discouraged? Do you know someone who is? Grab this book today!

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the children's book every grown up should read to get over fear of failure
the children's book that redefines failure and helped me move past self doubt

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