Simple, delicious and nutritious food from scratch

Thoughts About Cooking From Scratch

One hundred years ago every kitchen was a scratch kitchen. Food traditions were passed down from generation to generation. Whole foods were in every kitchen, and many hours were spent preparing food each day.

But somewhere along the line, we decided to go a different direction. Over time we’ve veered from tradition and towards industrialized food.

The traditional methods of cooking have often been ignored in the foods we see on the shelf in the store today. We’ve decided that that machines should make our food and it’s okay to put preservatives, fillers, sugar, and chemicals in the food that sustains us.

Why cook from scratch?

In short…it’s more delicious, healthier, and isn’t nearly as difficult as it may seem. I’ve found cooking from scratch to be a pursuit worthy of time and energy.

Every time I hear of another additive or preservative found to have a link to diseases, my hope in scratch food is renewed. Read this article to learn more about what’s wrong with processed food.

I cherish the memories I have with my grandma baking brownies out of the box. And Jiffy blueberry muffins. I adored them. I honestly didn’t know there was another way to make muffins, cake, or brownies until college. Why bother? Out of the box tasted so good.

However, I’ve learned a lot in the last few years. Not only is it possible to have more control over what’s in your food when you make it from scratch, it’s healthier and almost always tastes better.

Food tastes better when you get to decide what’s in it

In fall of 2018 I started working through health issues and trying to identify possible food sensitivities.

If you’ve ever been on an elimination diet or if you’ve done Whole 30, you know that it’s hard initially to find food you can eat. And it’s just about impossible to eat out at a restaurant or buy pre-made food.

When you make food from scratch, you get to decide exactly what goes in, and what doesn’t. Food becomes completely customizable.

Meals are more rewarding when you put effort into them

You know that feeling when you finish a project you’ve put thought, time, and energy into? Have you felt that satisfaction and sense of accomplishment?

That’s the feeling you get when you sit down to eat a meal made from scratch. It feels good to work hard at something. And in the case of cooking, it tastes good too.

I learned to cook by making mac and cheese out of the box. And even with three steps in the process, I felt proud that I made a meal on my own. These days my meals are a bit more involved. And the reward is that much more.

You can make anything you want

You can make anything you want when you cook from scratch. Anything you see on a shelf at the store is there because someone once made it in their home kitchen (and it probably tasted better too).

Seriously guys. You can make anything. Crackers? Mayonnaise? Barbecue sauce? Fritatta? Yep. And just by making it at home, it will be more nutritious. It’s empowering when you realize that you can make any food you want.


I’m not going to pretend like it’s easy to make everything from scratch. It’s not. It takes time. And energy. There’s no way around that.

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A few specific challenges you might be facing:

  • Cooking from scratch with kids: This can certainly be a challenge. Especially if your two year old only wants to be held, or your baby won’t take their nap when you want them to. I hear ya. This is where I’m at right now. One recommendation…find ways to let your kids help in the kitchen. Here are some awesome tools to make that more fun for everybody.
  • Feeling like you don’t have enough time: I get it. Nobody wants to cook all day long. And you don’t have to. Here are seven time saving tools every scratch kitchen needs. Making sure you have the right tools is the first step to saving time.



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