Hi, and Welcome to Scratch to Basics!

Hi, my name is Megan, and Scratch to Basics is my personal food blog. Each month, over thirty thousand people visit this website looking for quick and easy recipes to feed their family simple, nutritious, and delicious food that work with their diet.

After 3 years of producing content, the thing that remains most important to me with Scratch to Basics is transparency and authenticity.

I look for these qualities in brands that I consider working with, so that recommending their products flows naturally, as it would when I recommend them to close friends and family.



Blog Posts

This is best for long-term performance. Over time blog posts can be featured in other websites and publications, gain virality, or show up in top search results.

Blog posts are at the core of how we highlight the essence of a brand. They include custom recipe photographs, custom recipes, as well as personal notes on the recipe and ingredients.

All blog posts are written with SEO best practices, and can be promoted across all social media platforms.


Email Promotion

I have a rapidly growing email list of food & cooking enthusiasts looking to get a healthy dinner on the table for their family quickly and easily.

This method of promotion is best for brand awareness and to get the word out about new products or services your brand offers.

I will never spam my email list with irrelevant links, and I'm committed to providing each person on my email list incredible value in each and every email.

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