salad dressings

Five minute sauces and salad dressings to add that special touch to your meal. They’re simple to make and taste amazing!

What do you want?

more flavor?

These sauces and dressings are packed with flavor to take your meal from good to great!

simple and straightforward recipes?

These recipes take five minutes or less to put together for your week. 

homemade food with simple ingredients?

This cookbook is full of recipes that highlight real food and use gluten free recipes (with dairy free options).

“My husband was so impressed I made peanut sauce. And it was so easy!”

– L

“Your curry sauce is amazing. That was the best meal I’ve had in a long time.”

– A

easy meal planning

Make a few sauces for the week and rotate your protein and veggies for easy meal planning.

special occasions

Making sauces and salad dressings from scratch will take your meal from good to great! Make your next meal a special one.

gluten free & simple

Each recipe is gluten free (with dairy free options) and is made only with simple, healthy ingredients. Download your book today and try it out!

Easy barbecue (BBQ) sauce with tomato paste and honey


I manage to cook for my family almost exclusively from scratch while dealing with picky kiddos, food sensitivities, and high standards of how good food should taste.

We use these sauces and salad dressings to cook simple yet delicious busy weeknight meals.