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A FREE 5 day email course designed to help you cut processed foods and add REAL FOOD back into your diet.

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Each email provides helpful information to help you become informed about the food you're eating and how to make the best decisions for YOU.

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Each email ends with a question that helps you make a plan for your life.


a challenge

A daily "challenge" will get you to take a baby step towards your goals. All it takes is a few baby steps to get you the momentum you need.

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know how to tell the difference between processed food and real food

Many of the foods we think of as "healthy" are actually full of unhealthy ingredients. Find out how to tell the difference in the five day course. Hint: You have to look at the back of the box.

have the secret weapon to staying motivated and overcoming obstacles

Without this one thing you'll have a REALLY hard time reaching your goals.

Develop a personalized plan with resources at your fingertips

Your personalized plan will guide you on your journey with resources specifically designed to help you.


a little bit about me

Hi! I’m Megan. Over the last few years we’ve completely transformed our eating to be almost exclusively real food. I cook almost exclusively from scratch while dealing with two picky kiddos and food sensitivities.

And I’m passionate about helping you create home cooked meals that highlight real food. 

This course will help you become an informed consumer and provide nutritious and delicious meals for your family! 

I hope to see you inside.